I nominate Zatar, the Braxaná lord and general from C. S. Friedman's debut novel In Conquest Born. He's cast as the villain, but in many ways he's really an equal protagonist. He also has a more complex character arc: while Anzha Liu Metithe spends hers growing into her potential, Zatar comes to break out of the… » 3/20/14 6:24pm 3/20/14 6:24pm

I agree wholeheartedly. "On the electrdynamics" is one of the finest pieces of scientific writing out there. The writing is personable, the logic is straightforward, the mathematics are simple - the kinematical part requires only high school geometry and algebra - and the implications so obviously profound. A lay reader… » 3/17/14 12:51pm 3/17/14 12:51pm